I've owned my car since 1986 and it has was restored once in 1990 and and now is in it's second rebuild. Back then lacquer was the norm for paint jobs and it is in need of a full redo.

1970 Mark Donohue Javelin, 390 4-speed, Big Bag Orange.

Car currently has 67,000 miles as it sat since 1978 till the time I purchased it in 1986 (For $500.00) When I purchased the car I got all the ram air items as well as the spoiler but sad to say it did not come with the original drive train as the motor had blown up by the previous owners.

Follow below to see my car through the years and see where I am at currently!


8/22/2011 - Road Trip

Went to Ohio to pick up the 69 Javelin and while I was there I picked up parts for the Donohue at Kennedy American. Got Carpet, Weatherstripping kit, Marker lights, Decals, Door fuzzy's, Qtr patch panels etc..... The 69 Javelin is awesome! Just the thing to drive while I restore my other!!!

8/7/2011 - Parts purchased

Bought the lower rear window trim that fell off the car in 1999 on it's way down to Florida. Also found a guy to donate a piece of truck jamb that is in need of replacement.

8/6/2011 - Purchased 69 Javelin

Not exactly related to this restore, but wanted to make note. The factory 15" Rally's will be coming off and going on the Donohue. Car has the 232 six and factory working air! Gonna be a great cruiser while I finish up my car. 77,000 original miles and has never been painted or messed with inside and out.

1986 - Car purchased for $500.00

Pictured below missing the drive train, spoiler, rally's (No key to unlock column so it was rolled off the ramp truck into the middle of the yard until I could get the keys a few days later) Car still retained all original paint and unfortunately dents / rust. Person we bought the car from said he did not have the factory spoiler or ram air items.

As it sat for a few days until I could get the keys

Pushed into it's home awating the motor.

1986 - Engine number one

At this point the focus was on making this car run as it sat without an engine for almost 10 years. I ended up taking the drive train out of my 69 Javelin. It was a built 360 out of a Wagoneer and a T-10 4 speed.


Empty and ready to go

360 donor from the 69 javelin in the background...360 came from a wagoneer as we know 360's were not produced in 69.

In it goes with a rickety gantry setup...better than nothing I suppose.

Almost there!

It's a runner!

Done for the day

1986 - Driver Condition

Here is how the car looked after initial clean up and making it run. Put the magnums back on and it cleaned up pretty good. Considering it was 100% original paint but dented up pretty bad....

1987 - Addition to the family

Guy that we bought the car from called and said he had another 70 Javelin for sale and wondered if we were interested. It was a 304 automatic car that someone hacked a sunroof into. We went to look at it and sure enough he pulls out all the parts that are going with the sale....Out pops all of the missing items that he said he did not have for my car when we bought it....factory spoiler and all the ram air goodies..plus a NOS grille in the box!!! Needless to say we took the car and my parts.

1987-88? - Bodywork begun

Thanks to my friend Chris, he offered to give me a crash course in bodywork. We started with the nose. Removed the engine and sandblasted it down to bare metal and started new. Wish I took more pictures but not much I can do about it now.

Out it comes...at least this time with an engine crane!

Freshly blasted and painted engine compartment!

In an running...again. Note the goofy clear distributor cap.

Right side....

Left Side....

At the Sept 1998 Larz Anderson New England AMC show.

1990 - Car Completed

From 1988 to 1990 I tore the car down completely and completed the car in Dupont Lacquer base / clear. Don't have a a lot of pictures (that I can find..gotta keep looking) but anyway, I replaced the left quarter with a used one from "The Ramblin Man" as mine was beyond use. I also replaced the rear axle with a Ford 9" unit with disc brakes due to original being a twin grip with no twin grip. Too long a list of things done to the car but it looked great inside and out.

Panel cut out

Test fittment of new used panel

New panel in primer

Car is based and ready for blocing

Drivers side front waiting for buffing & stripes

Drivers side rear waiting for buffing & stripes

Passenger side rear waiting for buffing & stripes

Rear waiting for buffing & stripes

Car completed...looking for a better image

Car at the New England Larz Anderson AMC show without stripes.

Photo taken much later but the only good one I have.

First place at AMC Concourse event....It's 1990 dont make fun of the hair or airbrushed tee!

1991 - The Perfect Storm

1991 I was working two jobs to save money to buy a house and I was working the night shift when we got hit with the storm....


We lived on the coast and I had the only set of keys to my car....The storm came in so fast that my dad and wife (Girlfriend at the time) could not push my car out of the way of the tide...The worst part is it took me 4 + years to get my car to this condition and then it gets this thrown in it's face. Days after the storm I took the whole interior out and hosed out the car with fresh water. Thankfully the water did not get any higher and it stayed below my dash and electrical parts.

 It makes me want to throw up every time I look at this image!

1999 - The Big Move

In 1999 we moved to Florida and the car was hauled down to the sunshine state. Not much was done to the car from 1991 to present as marriage, kids, house & work became the norm. Anyway the car was covered in the back yard as we had no garage to store or work on the car. We finally built a garage in 2002 so I could get back to working on the car.

As it sat under a cover from 1999 to 2002

As it sat under a cover from 1999 to 2002

Backing into it's new home for the first time 2002

Backing into it's new home for the first time 2002

Finally! I have a place to work

Back on the road sometime 2002....At this point it's a fifty footer..looks good but rust bubbles and laquer checking making it's appearance.

2002 - 2007 - Occasional Usage

I had the car registered and drove it here and there just to not let it sit...Mind you the car is still has around 67,000 miles....One plus for it sitting around so much! Anyway it made it's rounds to a few car cruises and a yearly event at my wife's school. Each year they held a car show for all the kids to get to check out the older cars and also get to get driven around the bus circle. The kids loved it and both my dad and I did it many times.

Lined up for the bus cirlce cruise...having a cop car behind me the whole time felt natural :-)

Kids checking the car out....Many asking how my "Mustang" drove.

More crowds

Driving across the lot

5/30/2007 - 50 Footer No More

So I decided now that I have a garage and the kids are growing up, I had some time to tackle the car again. Have to strip back down to bare metal due to the checking in the paint. Not great but it has to be done.

Getting ready to tear down

Dissassembly from the rear

Spoiler ready for sanding.

Donohue decal

Paint stripper to get it down to bare metal

Light rust but not too bad. Sandblasting will correct

Ugly....not too thrilled

Chunk taken out of spoiler

Again, one of the worst parts of the car..ugghhh

Trunk rust...thankfully they now produce a repro full trunk pan.

All in a days work!

6/3/2007 - More Teardown

Removed the hood and right Fender. Stripped down to bare metal to begin the repairs. Not too bad, a small part of the leading edge of the hood and the lower rear portion of the fender will need new metal.

Hood removed

Only bad part of the hood.

Bare metal

Stripper applied

Right Fender removed

6/5/2007 - More Teardown

Again, not too bad considering.

Cheapest way to sandblast....5 gallon bucket full of sand and a siphon blaster.

Prior to blasting

Lock hole blasted

Rust Sandblasted away

Partially sandblasted

Front bumper removed

Front bumper markings from chrome shop in Fall River.

Nose teardown

Rear teardown

Right fender

Off with the paint

Close up of the lower fender that will need replacement

All stripped

6/9/2007 - Metal work

Started to cut out the bad rust to prepare for the new metal!

Rust cut out of hood

Lower portion of fender cut off

Lower fender

7/9/2011 - It's always something

It has been a long time since I have been able to get back to my car...Guess I should have kept it a fifty footer. On July 17th 2007 my dad passed away and I had many things to tackle before I could get back to the car. One, I had to fix up his house so we could either sell or move into...the market was so bad that we decided to move into instead of taking a loss. As a plus it has a two car garage....twice the space although I was also left with a 63 Studebaker wagon that had the whole passenger side wiped out and that needed to be fixed before I could get back to the Javelin. Finally got that fixed (Check out the car here).

Back to the Javelin - I scoured around and nobody makes a lower patch for the fender so I ended up using an old fender I had lying around. Turned out to be a decent part with hardly any rust.

Car in it's new garage

Lower fender patched

Inside coated with Ospho to keep any future rust from rearing it's ugly head.

Backside shot of the fender patch

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